How Technology Is Affecting Life


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Technology is posing severe impacts on life. It is not only posing an adverse threat to human life but also on the environment and animals. Due to technology, people have started extensive mining activities. Similarly, they cut the forest to build more houses through technology. On the other hand, they are posing psychological impacts on the human brain negatively. To know, you must visit the Best Essay Writing Services AU. They provide useful data on it.
1. Psychological impacts
Technology is affecting human life due to over availability. We have become sluggish to physical activities. We do not like to meet in person due to the over availability of people on social sites.
2. Environmental impacts
Technology has increased the pace of forest cutting. On the other hand, the level of mining has grown so that air pollution is increasing day by day.
3. No sympathy for animals
Children do not play with animals now. They keep on playing online games to the connection between them has reduced. It decreases the compassion as well.
4. Depletion of natural beauty
Humans are love to get access to ease. It is manipulating the technology to get more comfort in his life. So that he is depleting the natural assets of the world.

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Technology has great importance in our lives and it has made our lives easy and comfortable but some countries are using technology for negative purpose which is harmful for our lives. So, always use technology positively, so that we can get positive result. ... n-writing-services-uk.php




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